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The balance of power between vendors and buyers is shifting rapidly as we witness the growth of the customer-led economy. Adapting to this customer-led environment is creating major challenges for vendors, who now need to rapidly transform their sales models to accommodate changes in buyer behaviour. The traditional buying cycle has changed, and vendors struggle to influence the buying decision in the way they once did – the traditional role of B2B sales person is no longer relevant. Customers are more savvy than ever before, and presenting a laundry list of features and benefits won’t yield results!


Let’s face it – customers have higher expectations than ever. We all want a better customer experience, an individual approach, and that a service provider understands our needs better than their competitor does – and each of these is key to achieving sales success. It’s not just about selling; it’s about being able to frame and solve a problem for your customer, and delivering outstanding business outcomes that yield a higher revenue and margin for your business.


And this is where the S-Academy Sales Readi programme steps in.

Is it right for me?

Target Audience:


Sales led organisations wishing to drive performance and accelerate results using evidence-based techniques, with demonstrable results.


Sales individuals looking to improve their ability to sell or take their existing skills to the next level, by understanding the customer’s business objectives, buying motivations and desired outcomes.





Testing & Certification:


S-Academy certificate

ISM Certification (optional)

What will I learn?

This program has been created to help sales individuals build sustainable, scalable and profitable business relationships with customers. It is designed to increase competitive advantage by understanding customer business requirements and aligning solutions that alleviate the business challenges your customers face and in turn create compelling business outcomes.


The program takes individuals and helps them to build skills in the fields of:


  • Psychology of Sales
  • Business Acumen
  • Business Consulting
  • Advanced Sales Skills


Through the course, participants will learn new techniques and improve consultative selling skills. This training covers topics such as:


  • Identifying and engaging with key stakeholders
  • Understanding a customer’s business model and motivations
  • Understanding the buyer’s decision-making process
  • Understanding financial concepts that influence customer buying decisions
  • Applying a framework for successful customer conversations
How will I learn?

Sales Readi is a truly unique programme that goes beyond traditional approaches, to create maximum impact within both your team and your customer portfolio, by combining a 3-day workshop and two virtual coaching sessions to embed practices and facilitate results.

This thought-provoking and interactive programme, led by a senior S-Academy consultant, will take your sales skills to the next level.

The 3-day workshop is delivered in an instructor-led classroom environment, and is followed by two virtual group coaching session over the following 12 weeks.


Sales Readi is held at convenient training locations around the UK.


You will be required to undertake pre-work before attending the workshop, emailed to delegates in advance.

What will it cover?

The Sales Readi programme is an intensive course, delivered in an instrucutor-led classroom environment, with follow up coaching sessions to embed learning.


After completing this course, you will be able to:


    • Articulate the benefits of the value selling approach


    • Better position solutions against customer challenges and desired outcomes


    • Use basic business consulting tools to understand your customers’ businesses


    • Facilitate and accelerate the decision-making process


    • Understand how your customer evaluates investment decisions


    • Build sustainable, scalable, and profitable sales relationships


    • Plan and deliver more business relevant engagements with customers


    • Create compelling business cases that convert more opportunities
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3 Day Workshop +2 x Coaching Sessions

05/06/2017       Cardiff        £995

03/06/2017        London        £995

07/08/2017        Manchester        £995

11/09/2017        Birmingham        £995

02/10/2017        Bristol        £995

08/01/2018        Reading      £995

06/11/2017        Cardiff        £995


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When: 08/12/2016        Where: London        How Much: £599

When: 08/12/2016        Where: London        How Much: £599